street children in Ukraine

Help the street children by giving them toothpaste a soft toy or something that will help them. The lonely children of Kiev are struggling to  survive. Living in awful unhygienic places,under bridges, in the sewers under ground to get away from people who might annoy them. Throughout Kiev 30,000 children are suffering in bad conditions we need to help them by  donating something to these children and give them a brighter future. Sasha is a 13 year old boy and he lives under a railway bridge this is a picture of some homeless peoplehttp://homeless children in Kiev

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street children by Matthew

Street children don’t have homes or very good clothes which don,t fit or are too big for them, because their parents don,t care for them or they are addicted to drugs. Street children have one goal in life and that is to survive and live life but they find it hard because they don,t have alot and their past is trying to hold them back. Only we can help them live a better life by donating  to them and making them feel happy. It only takes a shoe box with gifts inside to put a smile on the streets kids faces. Remember you have a house they only have the sewers and they are cold at night please donate.?

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The street children in Ukraine

Beneath the ground in the dirty sewers the forgotten depressed children are determined to survive. Clinging onto pipes, wretched young lives beg to survive. Meanwhile fortunate children live wonderful happy lives. Shoeboxs  are for all of the children who don’t have homes  and the shoeboxs have gifts in them, to give them hope.

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The street children of Ukraine

Beneath the houses of happy young children, in the dirty unkempt sewers, street children as young as eight years old are fighting for survival. 30 000 wretched, young lives live in the Ukrainian city, Kiev. However, it is not only young children who are struggling. Elderly men and women also need help. So donate a shoebox to those poor children who need help. Here are some ideas of things to put in a shoebox:

  • a stationery set
  • a bar of soap
  • a squishy

So donate a shoebox today!

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Street children in Ukraine/Kiev ,need our help!!!By Sophie

Street children in Ukraine and Kiev need our help, They are poor and people are ignoring them. They are relying on us to help them get a better life. Create a shoe box to help them. In the shoe box you can put in essentials like: 

.A squishy

. A teddy

Any thing like this could change a Ukraine or Kiev’s street child’s life .They have been abandoned,unloved,orphaned,outcasts and neglected.

Please collect a shoe box today and help a street child’s life today-send the shoe box to the International Aid Trust(IAT) .

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The street children of Ukraine

The forgotten children need happiness so send them a box with things for kids,teens and elders. If you have to many toys at home put them in the box any spare wash things put it in the box, if you have anything you think people will like put it in the box.You don’t even have to give a box you can send money so they can buy things. you can send all this to international aid trust where they deliver your donations to Ukraine.It sends all year round! donate it will make people happy and loved.DONATE NOW!   ? By Arianna

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100 words by Matthew

“Where are we!”said Matthew

“I don,t know? said Charlie, so Charlie and Matthew set of on a journey in a jungle.

“This is wired.”chatted Charlie “I will go and try to find some food!”

So Matthew set off looking for food in the jungle, but then I heard a sound it was coming from deeper in the jungle. It sound like a deadly creature lurking in the jungle,

I shouted for Charlie, “CHARLIE!” he came as quickly as possible Charlie said

“I,m here what is it?”shouted Charlie

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homophones 100 words

In y6 we have been learning things that have been difficult. Well it will be to prepare us, because this time next year I will be in high school.  There are opening evenings, but they’re only for y6 people. I will get a lot of homework often when i’m at high school but if i try and do my best i will be just fine. But if you don’t do your homework you may have to stay at school and do it and if you disobey the teacher you may get detention. WOW



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100 words with their, there and they’re

” Hey Abigail,they’re having a drawing challenge at the city hall today!” exclaimed Rose.

” We should go there then.When does it start?”asked Abigail.

“Erm, about 10.30 I think,”replied Rose.

“Well we should get going.By the way, who else is going?”said Abigail, grabbing her art supplies.

“Lily and Rebecca,”answered Rose

“They should get their act together then, they’re always late. Its already 10.23!”explained Abigail.

“We should get going,”Said Rose.

“Come on then,”said Abigail, dragging her art supplies out the door.

“Wait, I’ll be there in a sec. I forgot my pencil case!”exclaimed Rose.

“They’re starting!”shouted Abigail from the pink, small, cute car .

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100 words,wear,where,we’re,were (homophones)

In Rocket league you can wear different decals.There are many sick cars such as the bat-mobile and the ice charger. If you want to know where to get these cars go into the showroom which costs money, but if you want some  realy good cars  you need to pay.Wee’re all going to teach you about the game-modes, some game-modes have power-ups like a freeze spell that freezes the ball and a teliportaion one which swaps places with your enemy.There is another gamemode called hoops which is  basketball, it is more challenging but is really fun.

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