About Class 4

Welcome to the blog of Class 4! The aim of this Blog is to celebrate the world which is Class 4.  You will find information about our daily experiences, thoughts and examples of  our work.  We will also try to keep you  up to date with news around the school.It will be great to hear from you, so feel free to comment on anything you see or read…


Our Class 4 teacher is:

Mrs Smith

Mrs Smith says:”The students are growing up in the middle of an Information Technology and Communication Revolution. Its important that we play our part, prepare the children in new ways of working, thinking and expressing themselves.I think blogging is  an exciting way to engage the children whilst they enhance their skills and learn new ones. Through blogging they can write,  create, think, share and help each other. The class blog gives the children a real audience for their work, news and achievements and lets parents, relatives and friends gain an insight into the world of Class 4…”


5 Responses to About Class 4

  1. kaden says:

    I totally agree with you Mrs Crowther!

  2. megan says:

    I agree Mrs.Crowther the blog is a great opportunity for us have and it does help us create and think and we do help each other!

  3. Maya says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooh the picture has changed

  4. Lucy says:

    Love the pic!

  5. Lewis says:

    Mrs Smith is the best?.

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