Bretherton School

Bretherton Endowed Primary School


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  1. maya says:

    Bretherton is a brilliant school and we all love it! When we learn the teachers make it fun even when it’s hard. And when you fall behind the teachers always pick you back up and help you. Theres never a person with out a friend because we all show compassion, friendship, truthfulness, respect, hope, courage and humility! 🙂 😉

  2. megan says:

    i totaly agree with u Maya great post! 🙂

  3. katie says:

    I love Bretherton school. It is the best school in the WORLD!! We have the best teachers and the best pupils it is definitely the best school EVER!! 🙂 😉

  4. megan says:

    I agree with you Katie it is the best school in the WORLD!!! I seriously don’t want to leave because all our teachers and pupils are so compassionate, humble and truthful I will miss bretherton but I will still come and visit obviously 🙂

  5. Holly says:

    It would be good if you could come and visit us again.

  6. Lucy says:

    I always see this school and think how much its changed since Mr ward moved then the office moved then Class 2’s ICT room is now Mr wards office then I remember when we only had a t-shirt and shorts on and went into the hall cold. 😉

  7. Lucy says:

    I want to stay there! 🙂 😉

  8. Finn says:

    Bretherton School is an amazing school probably the best IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! The teachers here are super friendly and the work is always SUPER interesting I love bretherton and all my friends as well. Thank you Bretherton for giving me the best learning experiance EVER

  9. Lewis says:

    Come to Bretherton School why, because its the best the pupils are so freindly, the food is so nice and the teachers are helpful. The work is so much fun. Never change Bretherton. I don’t want to leave to go to secondary.

  10. Sophie says:

    Bretherton school is the best because all the student are kind and give a warm welcome. The teachers ca be a little strict, but they are kind once you get used to them. And the food the chef cooks is amazing!!! If you are looking for a school in Bretherton, I would totally recommend Bretherton Endowed Primary School. It’s the BEST school in the world!!!

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