The poor people in Ukraine

Under the ground, in the sewers, on the streets, and on ledges are the places the street children  call home. Children who are cold, hungry and dirty. Ukraine and Kiev have around 30,000 children on the streets. Help them live in a home- a warm, cosy home, where their stomachs are full of food and they are happy,  please help to set them free from  the wretched hell of living outside the door being cold and hungry. People as young as eight would do anything for food or water, or even for a new coat. Please, change someones life for the better, every little thing helps. help by donating to the IAT (International Aid Trust). Please help the people to live, not just survive.

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3 Responses to The poor people in Ukraine

  1. Harry says:

    well done adam???????

  2. Tobias says:

    I like your work

  3. Adam B says:

    Thanks guys ?

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