100 words with their, there and they’re

” Hey Abigail,they’re having a drawing challenge at the city hall today!” exclaimed Rose.

” We should go there then.When does it start?”asked Abigail.

“Erm, about 10.30 I think,”replied Rose.

“Well we should get going.By the way, who else is going?”said Abigail, grabbing her art supplies.

“Lily and Rebecca,”answered Rose

“They should get their act together then, they’re always late. Its already 10.23!”explained Abigail.

“We should get going,”Said Rose.

“Come on then,”said Abigail, dragging her art supplies out the door.

“Wait, I’ll be there in a sec. I forgot my pencil case!”exclaimed Rose.

“They’re starting!”shouted Abigail from the pink, small, cute car .

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  1. Arianna says:

    wow Mia yours is great, wish it was a blue car 🙂

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