500 word challenge by Finn

The truth potion

“Max what do you have to say for yourself?” demanded Mrs Maguire sharply but before he had the opportunity to answer she was off again.” Everyone in this classroom knows how I feel about lying.”

“But Miss……….”he whined.

“Nonsense Max you know how many lessons we’ve had about the trouble lies can get you into?”.

It was true that Max did a bit more lying than the next guy but he’d had enough of being embarrassed in front of his classmates, always being the person she would make an example of.

It was at this moment that Max had an idea, a risky one, devilish maybe….. He would see how easy Mrs Maguire would find telling the truth for a day. He’d teach her a lesson and what a lesson it was, one he was sure she’d never forget.

Max Johnson you seen was a rather talented boy, talented in the world of magic and wizardry. Max had been studying this since he first heard of Harry Potter! He’d mastered most spells but the ‘truth tonic’ was more complex than anything he’d ever concocted before.

The next day, after spending most of the night perfecting his potion, Max finally had a tiny container full of ‘truth tonic’ stored away in his trouser pocket. He arrived at school early and making sure he was alone,  splashed three drops of ‘truth tonic’ into Mrs Maguire’s morning cup of tea.

8:55am and Max sat in class, excited to see what would happen first. He glanced forwards and was relieved to see that the teacup on the desk was empty.

“Is everyone ready for another hard days work?” questioned Mrs Maguire in her cheeriest tone. “So let’s start registratio………….”

“Oh sorry I’m late Miss” said Tina bursting through the door. “I was out shopping last night and I got this new coat do you like it?” she said twirling around.

“No I don’t its horrendous” replied the unfortunate teacher, putting her hands to her mouth in horror. What on earth had happened she would never usually be so cruel? Tina, the most popular girl in class, stood in shock, as still as a statue with her mouth gaping open.

Unfortunately for Mrs Maguire, the day only got worse and she managed to upset most people with her rude words. She told the school cook her chilli tasted like cat food; the headmaster what she really thought of his assembly and left the office staff weeping by pointing out numerous mistakes in the newsletter.

At the end of an eventful day Mrs Maguire got in bed that night, unaware the effect of the spell had worn off. She thought about all the devastating things she’d said and prayed that tomorrow would be a new day.

Across town Max was also lying in bed confident that he would never have to hear another of Mrs Maguire’s lying lectures again. Perhaps she would have finally realised that little lies are ok, aren’t they????

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  1. Alex's Dad says:

    I’m loving this idea, Finn. Please promise you won’t do this at Bretherton though!

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