My 500 word challenge (Joe)

Nobody liked Mrs Oak. She was a bizarre woman with fingers like claws, and a bright red dress that even the devil would envy. She stayed in the school long after the green gates had been locked twice by Mr Griffiths the caretaker; long after every lightbulb flickered its last burst of light. Yet nobody knew what she did! Not Mrs Alinton, the Headmistress who thought Mrs Oak a ‘difficult but dedicated lady’; not Mr Bryson the Deputy Head who felt awkward around Mrs Oak and tried his best to avoid her altogether; and especially not the children who loved to speculate what she did but all were too afraid to even ask, just in case the rumours were true and she was really a witch who performed spells in the dark depths of the PE hall! The only person who did know was Mrs Oak or Madam Oaken as she was known in her Witches’ coven. Madam Oaken had not always wanted to be a teacher; in fact she had more grand ideas as a young student of Magic at Notrehterb School of witchcraft and wizardry. Not even the head of magical miss-haps could work out how an all A student ended up in the human world. And unfortunately she wasn’t very good at her job either. How she got the job as a teacher was beyond everyone. How a person with so much hatred of children could be given the job to look after them for 7 hours just didn’t make logical sense. But does anything in life. One of Mrs Oaks most dedicated haters was Jimmy, an orphaned child who didn’t know what to do with his life was dedicated to find the cause of the evilness that filled Mrs Oak. He stayed after school in the PE hall, but there was no sign of Mrs Oak. He had checked every nook and cranny of the school, but all he ever found was a pair of scales on a Thursday night, and packets of cottage cheese that said witch watchers on the front. What could this mean, he thought to himself. He sat down asking his stomach what are witch watchers, but he ate a can of the cottage cheese and his stomach disappeared.
“Who are you!” a loud bellow came from the PE store.
A shiver zapped through every bone in his body, Jimmy could not speak.
“Who are you!” this time there wasn’t just one voice, it sounded like a stampede of angry women chasing towards him.
“I am Jimmy, and you don’t scare me.” Jimmy replied, but although he sounded convincing Jimmy could barely splutter his words out.
So he ran, faster than a cheater, with his legs moving at an astonishing pace. Jimmy was thinking about his encounter throughout the whole school day, but it was only until Mrs Oak handed out the leaflets did he realise what it said.
“Wanted, the Oak killers! last seen lurking in the PE store with scales.”


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