Unfortunate events 500 words By Heidi Hailwood

The day everyone tries to avoid . The car journey to Scotland . A series of unfortunate events and vomiting.As all three children clambered into the car , Laura and Tom were scanning the house for something the family may have forgotten . Moaning like the wind the family squeezed into their seats .
” No devices until after lunch ” announced Laura ,
“Why mummy ” squeeked Alisa ,
“So that you won’t be ill ” replied Laura .
Smoothly driving, the family were silent however they had only been moving for 5 minutes . Tom slowly turned on the radio and that set it off.
“I don’t like This music “yelled Alisa at the top of her lungs,
“I want to listen to the sport ” confirmed Charlie
“Not this again ” moaned Lewis
Nothing was agreeable, not even Laura and Tom could agree on the music of which to turn on . This argument resulted in no music at all aka silence .The Jacksons had been travelling for 2 hours, however it felt like ten .Mc Donald’s was the choice of lunch and after that Alisa reminded mum of the promis she made about devices . After 10 minutes of holding her iPad Alisa screamed,
“My tummy hurts I feel sick .”
“Hold on we will stop in a minute , won’t we Tom ”
” Of course we can , even though that adds another 30minutes to our time schedule !”
After much persuasion they all stopped at a service station. Where Alisa decided she wasn’t ill anymore .
“I waste my breath!” Muttered Laura
It was not long before Charlie was ill , but this he really was . You would never of thought that that much could come out of a small human being . Puddles of vomit squirlled around the car giving off horrendous smelling odours . Alisas head was fully out the car window gasping for fresh air . When they thought all systems were clear , Laura got a face full of the putirid liquid . Driving through the hills of Scotland are thought to be lovely and relaxing although this was another story , and they are now late . I’m sure you’re ¬†wondering why the family decided to take a trip to Scotland , here is the reason . It’s Laura’s cousins wedding and of course all five of them had to take the special road trip to Scotland. A sign of hope dived into their lives , the sat nav had found a short cut to the venue .Of course there were no second thoughts all reliablility was on the sat nav which lead them to …..well nowhere .

” I am expected to attend my cousins wedding , which is the least I can do and even that failed .” Exclaimed Laura with a tear making its way down her cheek.

The family drove on with 1 hour to get there get dressed and walk to the church down the road . Driving through a small village they discovered an oddly looking yet recognisable church ! They had made it  but had been through hell to get there.

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