We’ve had two days of SATS and guess what – its not that bad! its easier than we imagined however some of the papers are longer than usual. Nevertheless we will still get through this slow weak, even though it’ll be boring. I think we should thank the teachers though for all the work they have done for us and such a help they have been. And you wouldn’t guess what, everyone must know I love wolves, there was a comprehension paper on wolves, called the wolf pack! However it was just about the wolf part in the jungle book – it was still fun and not boring! Everyone is surprised that it is not too boring. I think from my point of view, SATS are better than I thought! Despite all these papers we have the nicest treats (biscuits and juice) in the morning to keep us going through the day. Well, everyone in class 4 keep going because we are doing really well! GOOD LUCK! 😉 🙂


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  1. kaden says:

    Yes, they were easier than we all thought!

  2. Rosie says:


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