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Our Happy Moment (Year 6).

Today Mrs Smith (the year 6 teacher) told us, thats Year 6, how good we are and how we can improve. However before that, we put a persons name on our whiteboard telling them what was good about them. We … Continue reading

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Homework – Cool Connectives

Southampton beat Manchester United despite losing one of their best players to injury. I have a good football team although we only drew to a lower team. We have lots of pets however we would also like a rabbit. Until my birthday … Continue reading

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This Month (January 2015)   Everyone was given their own email. This was really fun as you were now allowed to make blog posts. Mrs Smith gave us a while to comment on blog posts, then she told us how … Continue reading

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class 4’s snazy connectives

The warriors were being killed cruely however, they battled on to the bitter end and became heroes and gods to their people. The theif was in Bucking ham palace all she had to do was let down her hair and … Continue reading

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:) Connectives-Homework :)

Chips come from the chippy, consequently they end up in my belly. My friend was skydiving meanwhile I was having a nice cuppa! Most of the people in the world have homes however some people are very unfortunate and don’t. … Continue reading

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10 cool connectives

I was happy until I had lost my dog, despite my worries he eventually turned up at the park.We took him home and he finally had a sleep. I love my dog he is so cute however he does get … Continue reading

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Homework, crazy conectives

 The criminal was on the run meanwhile the police were in the police station drinking coffee! The dancing squirrels thought they were the best at dancing however the monkeys disagreed and  thought they were the best. This morning the elephants were in … Continue reading

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Connectives Homework

We went to Stockport Museum two days ago and that was brilliant. Furthermore, at lunch time, we all got some chips from Mr Ward! I also looked up at the ceiling in the tunnels, which were made of sand stone. … Continue reading

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10 connectives homework

Later I will go on a walk with Dad instead of Mum. Finally I will get dressed and then  finish homework. Whenever you get scared, eventually you will  calm down. In the beginning, you feel challenged, however you still feel excited. Even  though no one … Continue reading

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I love writing speeches and we all had to write one about a person in World War II. Some People have already spoken their speeches and some have to do them today. Good Luck! We could do them about people … Continue reading

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