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Thank you Rev. David for telling us so much about Holy Communion.

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Have you thought of being a barrister?

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Guilty or not guilty, do you think Micky Blunt actually did it?

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The Nightmare

The lake closed over her nose and mouth as Tara sucked in a lung-full of cold, black water. On her next breath, she opened her eyes to find her pitch black room : 12:02 am. Again. Three nights in a … Continue reading

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My 500 words

I couldn’t believe it, the government were behind all this weird poison drifting over our home-land. ‘Seb, Parveen, we better get out of here and fast!’ I croaked with my voice all hoarse as I was downloading the evidence onto … Continue reading

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500 spooky words by Ameel

The Possessed When I arrived back from work the light was already beginning to fail. I went into the kitchen to get a snack, and then the phone started ringing. I answered the phone, it was my boss, he told … Continue reading

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The Beast

Weekend was nearly here Bella, Josh and Adam planned to go camping in the Lake District whilst their parents went shopping. The next day they were off, Appleby was where they would be staying it was a quiet little village … Continue reading

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Strictly Forbidden

The house where nobody goes. Where the Postman doesn’t post letters.  Where the Milkman doesn’t deliver milk. I asked all the people I knew. All of whom said it was just too dangerous. However many people have tried to warn … Continue reading

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The big walk.3

As I was struggling to walk though the squelching mud I was so happy because I have a new dog called Amber with me. luckily the sun was shinning on the blue river. Also there was white   clouds and a blue sky, just … Continue reading

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Do I have to go to dendist?

“Anna come here darling, I am going to read you a bit from my diary, from when I was a little,” shouted Janet, Anna’s Grandma. “Ok Grandma, can I sit on your lap?” asked Anna politely. “Of course you can, … Continue reading

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