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street children by charlie

Under a bridge in the woods  or even in a sewer determined to survive the terrible life they have are many forgotten street children. But they don’t have to live under a bridge or in a sewer they could live … Continue reading

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The Street Children Of Ukraine By Mia

The abandoned children of the Ukrainian streets lurking in the sewers or even on a ledge between a busy bridge,  can  be helped by us.We can help them.Make a shoe box filled with suitable things for all ages.We can make … Continue reading

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street children by Matthew

Street children don’t have homes or very good clothes which don,t fit or are too big for them, because their parents don,t care for them or they are addicted to drugs. Street children have one goal in life and that … Continue reading

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Street children in Ukraine/Kiev ,need our help!!!By Sophie

Street children in Ukraine and Kiev need our help, They are poor and people are ignoring them. They are relying on us to help them get a better life. Create a shoe box to help them. In the shoe box … Continue reading

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Captain Cranky Puzzle

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Robin Wood

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Please click on the link to the puzzle below – I look forward to you sharing your solutions

BuildItUp (1)

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School Council 2017/18

The new school council this year is Lewis (me), Jessica, Charles,Alexandra,Arrianna,Ellis,Matthew,Grace  Alex ,Deven, Ryan and Joshua. Lewis (me) is vice chair, Charles is Chair, Jess is Secretary and Arrianna is Treasurer.

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Unfortunate events 500 words By Heidi Hailwood

The day everyone tries to avoid . The car journey to Scotland . A series of unfortunate events and vomiting.As all three children clambered into the car , Laura and Tom were scanning the house for something the family may … Continue reading

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500 word story by Loulou :Unknown

It was 1 minute past midnight and Hazel Grey was sat up in her bed wearing her long and flowing grey nightie .She decided to text her overly supportive friend ,David . “I can’t sleep David !”she texted “Don’t worry … Continue reading

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