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500 word challenge by Finn

The truth potion “Max what do you have to say for yourself?” demanded Mrs Maguire sharply but before he had the opportunity to answer she was off again.” Everyone in this classroom knows how I feel about lying.” “But Miss……….”he … Continue reading

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Mrs Cleg by Finn and Thomas :)

Mrs Cleg daughter of heroes (who saved Jews and friends in WWII) was born in 1944  mid world war. She came to our school to tell various heroic stories of her incredibly brave parents risking their lives to save all … Continue reading

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100 word idiom challenge

Remember remember the fifth of November ……. Bonfire night is one of my favourite times of year.Summer has gone, which is a blessing in disguise as it means I can stay inside more! Every year we have a party at … Continue reading

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smiley face treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having smiley face treat biscuits fizzy fanta leomonade toffee popcorn cant get any better !!!!! AMAZING

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ethos group

The group have recently been selling poppies 50p to a pound we are selling rubber bands,reflector lights,keychains,slap braclets,stickers and just normal poppy badges.The people in Ethos are Mary,Alex,Charlotte,Me (Finn),Isabella,Olivia,Lauren,Joseph,and Abigail

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Mrs Moxham

Mrs Moxham is a great head, she has a great attitude towards all ages in Bretherton school. She will go above and beyond to help any one in  need or discomfort  and if anything is wrong  i guarantee  she will … Continue reading

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