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Unfortunate events 500 words By Heidi Hailwood

The day everyone tries to avoid . The car journey to Scotland . A series of unfortunate events and vomiting.As all three children clambered into the car , Laura and Tom were scanning the house for something the family may … Continue reading

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500 Words Challenge By Heidi Hailwood

Identity Atal sat on the porch steps as still with a mind like a bookcase. The patterns on the steps were digging into his skin now it began to hurt. He sat too engrossed in his thoughts to stand or … Continue reading

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100 words figurative language

Pop went the balloon that the small child was holding in the grip of his hand , it was like a bomb that had just set off . The boy balled his eyes out , then he saw a troop … Continue reading

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Rotary Shoe Boxes

Every year thousands of people put presents in shoe boxes which get sent off to people who are not as fortunate as we are .The people who revive these gifts are street children, teenagers and even grandmas. Some of these … Continue reading

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Year 6 so far !

So when we started year 6 I’m pretty sure everyone was extremely exited ┬ábecause we had Mrs Smith as our teacher and from previous accounts she makes learning fun . Well on the first day we just did a bit … Continue reading

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