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As I picked up Anna’s blanket, I saw an owl spying curiously at an ornament in my garden. I would’ve been out side now shooing the beast away, but I’m here; planted to the ground unable to move.  I’ve done this … Continue reading

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Street Life

No one knows-knows about me! No one knows my story or about my life. No one cares. We are the neglected, the bullied, the beaten, because we’re street children. Beneath the ground is where we call home, in the sewers, where … Continue reading

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My 500 words

I couldn’t believe it, the government were behind all this weird poison drifting over our home-land. ‘Seb, Parveen, we better get out of here and fast!’ I croaked with my voice all hoarse as I was downloading the evidence onto … Continue reading

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Egytian Pots

I have really enjoyed so far our egyptian pots with Miss Hudson. So far we have modrocked some 3D egyptian pot shaped car-board and i’m looking forward to start painting on them on Friday !!

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Yesterday I was shopping until I smelt a rat ,I told a big,tall man about my suspicions but he thought I was pulling his leg .Suddenly , our convisation was interrupted , it was raining cats and dogs outside .Unkindly … Continue reading

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Flanders Fields,

Flanders Fields, Where poppies grow, Eternal, memorable, spiritual, Like the daed live on, Like a symbol of hope to feed our faith, A place of horror  now of hope, Flanders Fields. The loss of those brave men who gave their … Continue reading

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School Council

Each class has now nominated one boy and one girl to be in the school council, lucky for year 6 we nominated 4 of us. At the first meeting we were given the new task of redesigning our out door … Continue reading

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