What I like about Year 6 :By Sophie

Year 6 is very fun. I like how we get smiley faces- and when we get 20 smiley faces Mrs Smith gives us a Mrs Smith’s buffet! My favourite lessons are art, PE, maths and English. Even though there are only 4 girls ( Sophie, Arrianna, Mia and Jess) I am friends with them all. There are 17 children in my class. At first I found Mrs Smith very strict , but now I find her kind . She is one of the best teachers ūüôā .

Thankyou for reading about Year 6!!!

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My favourite Hobbies!!!

My favourite hobbies are Running, Horse Riding, Swimming and Obstacle Courses. I like Running because it can be fun and competitive at the same time.And I like Horse Riding because I love horses?!!!And I like swimming because it fun ?.And last I like Obstacle Courses because there is a variety of Obstacles.
Tell me in the comments whats your favourite hobby?

???BY SOPHIE ???

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Street children need our help

Today we have been thinking about people that have been forgotten or that are homeless. We are giving money to those who are homeless £2 and we will give them a shoe box full of gifts.  We need to make a difference by helping homeless people. So we have been watching videos of homeless people, yes we know it is  sad but we are their only hope. Sure people are putting money into charity pots but its not enough so give as much money as you possibly can right now because they need our help. Give money and donate it now to help them because they need a home.

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Street children in Ukraine

There are 30,000 street children in Ukraine and¬† they are all desperate to escape, beneath society, some are younger than¬† eight. Except… we can make a change, by making a shoe box gift with toys for them to play with and it could one day go across¬†the world giving shoe box’s to children in the Ukraine. But it’s not just the children who need a shelter, it’s adult’s too.

?by Toby?

this is for more info if you want to learnhttp://street children of ukrain

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The forgotten children of the Ukraine

A life shared with rats is the reality of the neglected street children of the Ukraine.Imagine a different life beneath society.Children in the shadows underground…..ignored…..outcast…..orphans…..neglected…..surviving in packs and being invisible living underground.Desperate to escape they hide under a bridge.The money that we raise goes to children in need and if you can please make a shoe-box and send it to the international aid trust and that would help the children in need

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street children by charlie

Under a bridge in the woods¬† or even in a sewer determined to survive the terrible life they have are many forgotten street children. But they don’t have to live under a bridge or in a sewer they could live a great life but they need your help. All you have to do is fill a shoe box with gifts that will help these children like a hat or clothes or a bar of soap or maybe a notebook to record their terrible life’s. so please all these children want is a nice and lovey life thank you.

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the street children of the Ukraine by Tom

Ukraine children

Under bridges in the sewers children try to stay worm and survive .They struggle to find food, they could still have a family but they  might not be safe  because there might be a drunk or they may be on drugs or even not have any parent any more perhaps they could be dead. Some children  may be forced to sell/transport drugs across Kiev and to get them to transport or sell they will be threaten    .  Some of the children will live in the sewers or down the drain but some people  the lucky few with help from International Aid will live in a house and go on holiday,  therefore please donate.

Under bridges in the sewers children try to stay worm and survive.

By Tom


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street children of ukraine by Harry

In ukraine there 30,00 street children in the city of kiev alone.What if none cares for them?Who will look after them?Will any one send them gifts or toothpaste and tooth brushes?Theses worries will be gone thanks to international aid beacause they send rotary shoe-boxs which inside each off them contian a toothbrush and toothpaste and a toy car or a note pad and pen.But international aid dosen’t¬† just send the shoe-boxs¬† they ask people to send their shoe-boxs full with thoughtful bits and bobs.Now please can you doenate a shoe-box today???.

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The Street Children Of Ukraine By Mia

The abandoned children of the Ukrainian streets lurking in the sewers or even on a ledge between a busy bridge,¬† can¬† be helped by us.We can help them.Make a shoe box filled with suitable things for all ages.We can make a difference to their lives.We can help.They are outcasts and forgotten by everyone. But we will help them and donate a shoe box because we know as Christians this is wrong.You can send boxes for : teens,families, boys,girls,children and elders.This Christmas they will receive them and¬† come together¬† in a church in Kiev. This will change their lives for the better. By Mia‚̧




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The poor people in Ukraine

Under the ground, in the sewers, on the streets, and on ledges are the places the street children  call home. Children who are cold, hungry and dirty. Ukraine and Kiev have around 30,000 children on the streets. Help them live in a home- a warm, cosy home, where their stomachs are full of food and they are happy,  please help to set them free from  the wretched hell of living outside the door being cold and hungry. People as young as eight would do anything for food or water, or even for a new coat. Please, change someones life for the better, every little thing helps. help by donating to the IAT (International Aid Trust). Please help the people to live, not just survive.

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