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Streets of Ukrain.

Posted: 1st April 2016 by Olivia in Amazing Class 4, Charity, Literacy

Beneath ground there are children- not just any children- neglected  street children. Whilst we have a warm bed, house and family ,they have nothing. Sleeping rough on nothing but rock solid cold concrete, under bridges and clinging to pipes . Can you imagine sleeping amongst rats? Kids, who are younger than eight years old,  beg for food as they have no money, no showers or shampoo. Living like rats, their new family being their mates. So please help they are not asking for much.

Under a modern train station bridge, that ordinary people walk over every single day, lay the unknown street children – abandoned, forgotten, homeless children, dreading what horror and mysteries the next day would bring. Meanwhile, on the other hand, at home we lie in bed: our warm, comfortable, loving bed, dreaming about the lovely things in our lives. See the difference? Tomorrow, for the street children in Ukraine, is just another day of living hell, while tomorrow for us is a new day – a day of life and opportunities for us to make our mark in the world.  Hearing about this makes me feel terribly sorrowful for these poor hopeless children. Furthermore I feel astonishingly ashamed – ashamed of all the wonderful possessions I own,  yet take for granted. In comparison to the lonely street children, we are like kings and the things we have that aren’t items is love and family and that is something they don’t have. The hopeless children continue to hide.

Transporting drugs to the other side of the city only to earn the most pathetic amount of money,  barely enough to survive. Until we get these children off the dank, dark, damp and dangerous streets, which could take a while considering the circumstances, you can help the international aid trust by donating things from furniture to money to help.In addition, as the international aid trust say: ‘Love your neighbor and do good to them.’ One day these children will get what they deserve love, a home and a life worth more than their daily reality!



Street Children Of Ukraine

Posted: 1st April 2016 by Ryan S in Amazing Class 4, Charity

Thousands of street children,  who are located in Ukraine, are living in sewers, selling drugs for money to get food. Living in groups they struggle to sleep at night. Please support The IAT (International Aid Trust). People don’t realize how many children are living like this, and how unhygienic this is for those poor children. For rats, this is the sort of life that they like whereas for humans, however, it isn’t a very good life. Help these children get a true life.


Street Children In Ukraine

Posted: 1st April 2016 by Hayley in Amazing Class 4, Charity

Street Children



There is a tragic thing happening in the Ukraine(Kiev).The helpless kids have been forgotten because no one cares about them. This is absolutely horrible but we can help and make a difference:by giving what we can. A little goes a long way to help prevent this unfairness. These forgotten children were given lives – now they are not worth living. There are roughly 30,000 street children in Kiev, that live in poverty, which is too many.  Lonely and on their own, put  yourself in their shoes. Once upon a time, they too were happy. You can send a letter to show that you care or help in any way you can. Unable to read because  there is no money for them to attend school. Perhaps you could draw something to make them feel cared for or send a pound a month. It will make a bigger difference than you think. Maybe  it will help the children because they  will not have to beg as much, I just have to hope it will make street children’s  lives` a lot better. So please  get in touch with International Aid Trust to help street children escape from poverty.

Street children by Nic

Posted: 1st April 2016 by Nic in Amazing Class 4, Charity

Ukraine-Kiev-Street children-

No one will help them – but us – make a difference to someone’s life with international aid trust (IAT).

How would you feel if no one cares?  

No one even looks at you. You don’t even know how to live a proper life – YOU are their only hope – you are their chance to live – you are their key to freedom.

Save someone’s life at http://www.internationalaidtrust.org.uk/ or visit your nearest international aid store and remember,    every penny you give to them could be going to save someone’s life. This is your chance to show you care.

Sports Relief 2016

Posted: 18th March 2016 by Mrs Smith in Amazing Class 4, Charity

A massive thank you to Mrs Glew for planning and leading a fantastic and fun afternoon for the whole school. We all took part in a human hungry hippo challenge and a muddy mile. Many thanks for the money donated and a special thank you to Mr Boucher for making the Hungry Hippo ‘trolleys’                                                       ,DSCF3976 DSCF3981 DSCF3986 DSCF3993 DSCF3998


Posted: 24th February 2016 by Sam in Homework, Literacy

2016 barn shop.

I ‘ve been waiting too long now, it’s been too long! Larry says we aren’t going to leave, but I’ve been hoping and dreaming. I see :carrots, being restocked day after day; cabbages , which are  lovely green round vegetables; potatoes, which are picked every day . I’m keeping my hopes high . Jeremy was being a bit unusual (after all he did fall out of the group). He said he was traumatised after what happened, he had bruises all over him! It was then that a man didn’t pick him…. but picked Larry, James, Billy and I. Larry said Jeremy had fallen into the onions group. We were all excited and we all jumped around, which  was a stupid, horrible idea – as Larry and I fell out ….”Forget me, just go” yelled Larry as he rolled around on the floor helplessly.

“It’s massive,” He was a goner, Billy looking nervous ,I mouthed,  “No.” It was too big. The man walked back to me, I stared  at Larry  and at his bruise, he was like a brother to me, a long ,lost brother as we always called each other “BRO”.We told each other stories and played every day – now I’ll be alone with Billy, ( at least I’ll have some company with him) . Billy and I, had a very bumpy experience as I kept smashing into Billy, well I wouldn’t put it that way, when I kept  rolling into him.I was a bit claustrophobic because we were in a box .

It was a MANSION a big , fat, giant MANSION compared to the box, then I saw it, the thing I was hoping and dreaming about ,it was the FRIDGE . I made it to the fridge, my destiny. Billy ‘s face was more excited and surprised than mine .Every ornament  was gold or silver.The fridge was where I belonged .Only now I was hoping and dreaming will always work as it just did but wow I’m amazed. EGG ON TOAST are you serious . That is NOT appropriate as you NEED a healthy dinner because you… you  … you just need to all right . I guess I have been hoping and dreaming.Of course  no one would pick me, a long, green rolling cucumber .Billy  has b…b..BEEN PUT IN THE BIN. He was out of date yesterday . I even saw him fall with my own eyes. He slowly and gradually fell into the bin. I’m the survivor. I need to do this…for my friends.

I saw the frying pan once again but it looked like he was going to pick me but his arm had gone over me . There was a figure …a shadow… of a round vegetable. The man picked it up and I was peeking to see what it was but five minutes later the man had a tear in his eye …It couldn’t be it cannot be… AN ONION . At that moment I thought about  Jeremy and the worst part was that was the same onion that beat up Jeremy that explained why Jeremy had bruises. That explained why he was terrified .It explained every thing . The door opened and he smiled at me.

Marmalade 500 word challenge By Rachel

Posted: 24th February 2016 by Rachel in Amazing Class 4

This is it .This is the dreadful time when I have to be evacuated. As I stepped onto the train station I hugged my mother for dear life.Just then ,after what had seemed like forever ,I was torn away from my trembling mother and shoved onto the train. My heart was cracking and falling apart like shattered glass. I managed to find a window , as the train suddenly jolted into action, I shouted” I love you! Don’t forget me!” and I waved and blew kisses till she was only a small dot, as small as a speck of dust.

I lay back on the old cloth seats just as two girls came and sat by me talking nineteen to the dozen obviously not a care in the world.

“I’m Lileth, but you can call me Lil!” chirped a girl with blonde fair hair. She looked quite strong compared to other ten year olds.

“And I’m Alice but you can call me Al!” exclaimed a girl with mouse brown hair in plaits.

“Who’s this?” Lil was holding my old teddy bear.

“Oh…um,er…I,I!” I blushed terribly.

“That’s just … Marmalade, my old teddy.” I mumbled shyly.

“Marvellous! I have a teddy too!” Lil exclaimed as she pulled out a brown patched up bear from behind her.

“This is Patch!” and she made the bear run all around me and Alice.

“So have I! This is Honey!” As she pulled out a sunshine coloured bear with a bow between its ears. So for the next hour and half we played teddy bear tea parties and pretended to be posh ladies off to an evening do.

Just then I spotted a blobby thing, white and fluffy on the hills, so I asked the old man who was working on the train what it was and he replied with a surprised face, “Wha? That ol thing ? That’s a sheep! An’t yers ever seen one?”

“No, mister.”

“Ooh. Suppose you can’t find em in ol London, can yers ?”

I shook my head and stared at the sheep grazing on the golden hill.


Finally we arrived at the billeting office, tired and weary. Some children were vomiting at the side, sick of the loss of their mother. We had to sit like ladies in the huge hall and give answers like “Yes ma’am” or even “I promise ma’am” whilst they poke and stare at us. One Auntie said, “Ooh! Look at this one she looks very bad tempered. And look at that hair its awful!” So you know what I did, I gave her the ugliest look ever. I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her! I didn’t want her to be my Auntie. But know I’m billeted with a kindly Auntie called Carol and she owns a shop full of melt in the mouth butter toffees, fluffy white bread, fresh eggs, moreish bacon, sweet biscuits, and creamy, soft cheese. I can’t wait till mother comes in six weeks’ time …