Children in year 6 having fun, working out and making a difference.

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Everyone completed a challenging circuit of activities led by Mrs Brindle. The money raised will make a significant difference to ┬áthe NSPCC’s work in preventing abuse, providing support and turning lives around.

Mrs Cleg by Finn and Thomas :)

Posted: 20th November 2016 by finlay in Amazing Class 4

Mrs Cleg daughter of heroes (who saved Jews and friends in WWII) was born in 1944  mid world war. She came to our school to tell various heroic stories of her incredibly brave parents risking their lives to save all of the unfortunate people (RAF soldiers,Jews and any other friends family)hiding from the great WWII.One of the stories was about a woman called Ilsack she was a Dutch Jew and when the war began she felt ill and went into a German hospital which were nursing her back to health so she could go to a death camp on her own will not knowing that that is were the Germans were planning to execute her she had had a letter in the post saying that it was a great place for all Jews (but they were really gonna die).Although Clegs parents knew of the Germans real plan and told her not to go when she was back to health the heros (Clegs parents) dressed up as a German doctor and rescued her before she could get out of the hospital and head on her way to the camp.

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friendship By charlotte

Posted: 20th November 2016 by charlotte in Amazing Class 4

We have had a friendship week.
While is has been going on I have learnt that you should never leave an argument for weeks you should forgive and forget .
Friendship is really important and everyone needs a friend.:)

Fun with Friends

Posted: 16th November 2016 by Mrs Smith in Amazing Class 4, Friendship week

Today we  did some sports with Mrs Glew. We put a ball between our legs, which we then had get to the other side of the room, we had to bonce or crawl with it; after that we we did a ball run challenge, which is when you got one little trench each, next you had to move a small ball and a football from one side of the hall to the other.dscf5798 dscf5800 dscf5801 dscf5803 dscf5807 dscf5808 dscf5809 dscf5811 dscf5813 dscf5815 dscf5817 dscf5818 dscf5819 dscf5822 dscf5824 dscf5825 dscf5828 dscf5830 dscf5831 dscf5835 dscf5836 dscf5837

Over all we  had  a great time thank you Mrs Glew.

I was over the moon yesterday when I found out I got in to the football team. At my first match I had a change of heart but my mum and dad said it’ll be a piece of cake for me because I’m a good player. So I played the match and I scored a goal I was so impressed with myself and so was the coach. When the game was finished the coach came over to me and my family he said, ” Wow you have sure got some talent you can tackle, shoot do you want to be on the team?”
YAY I’m on the team!

Friendship Week in Class 4

Posted: 15th November 2016 by Mrs Smith in Amazing Class 4

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100 word idiom challenge

Posted: 10th November 2016 by connor in Amazing Class 4, The 100 word challenge

Yesterday I went to the shop and I went down the toy aisle and I saw a middle age man looking at toys probably for his kids .The problem was that┬áhe was standing in the way I said please may you move , he said no I┬ásaid your pulling my leg he kept saying go away and leave this shop and move . No I have hungry eyes ok I’ll go,but next ┬átime be calm and wait for other┬á┬ápeople. Ok then thanks a lot and I will keep that in my mind next┬átime I come ┬áto the shop for a wander.

In the half term I went to see my cousins George and Isabelle. They live in a bungalow on a moor near the Pennine Way, it was like the middle of nowhere. It was very hot in their lounge as they had a very special fire that burns logs, I felt as if I was melting. Martha did some gymnastics after eating her tea and then she was as sick as a dog. I told her not to do cartwheels but she would not listen  it was like talking to a brick wall! After a nights rest she was a lot better.

September 2017

Today I woke up feeling I was on cloud nine, why you ask?, because today was my first day of high school! I was so excited, I was acting as cool as a cucumber, then disaster struck. I spilt a glass of milk on my new trousers which made me go bananas.  My mum said that I should not cry over spilt milk and that I was making a mountain out of a molehill. I arrived at the school gates and now felt as sick as a dog my feelings now were that of a fish out of water.