Preston North End

Posted: 8th October 2016 by alexander in Amazing Class 4, Sports, Trips

On Friday last week we went to Preston to play on the pitch and  to do some penalty shoot outs against another team. Also we got our boots signed by Jake  Hugill and whats exciting about that is he was the person who made it 1-0 to Preston. Eventually we got to do our penalties and Connor scored and then it got even better because we won 1-0 0n penalties  so it was an all round good day.

Smiley faces😃

Posted: 7th October 2016 by lilia in Amazing Class 4, Smiley faces

We already have 8 smiley faces, we only need 17 more and we have only just started. I wonder what our treat is going to be?

Year 6 so far !

Posted: 7th October 2016 by heidi in Amazing Class 4

So when we started year 6 I’m pretty sure everyone was extremely exited  because we had Mrs Smith as our teacher and from previous accounts she makes learning fun . Well on the first day we just did a bit of work but not much . The second day was amazing we played rounders and to be honest it was great everyone was smiling , we all tripped up a few times though , a few muddy bottoms ! I can’t really remember the next couple of weeks because it went so fast ( because of how fun it was ) . Also  as probably everyone knows  we are all  looking forward to our new head teach Mrs Moxham , she is so kind and understanding also she is a great teacher she teaches us computing on Fridays , science and art  on Mondays which she is  amazing at. Both Mrs Smith and Mrs Moxham are great because they both understand what you think and if you’re confused they’ll help you . Overall so far year six is outstanding and I wouldn’t change it in any way possible , thank you Mrs Smith ( and everyone else)😀

Golden time

Posted: 7th October 2016 by mary in Amazing Class 4, Golden Time

As everyone in school knows,  every Friday when we are in school there is golden time and for 30 minutes everyone can play, have  fun or just relax. Some of the people in class 4 are thinking about how we could change and make golden time 10x better. Please add your comments.

Harvest festival🌽🍞🧀🍉

Posted: 7th October 2016 by alexander in Amazing Class 4, Class 4 News, Harvest

We definitely all had a great day when we did our harvest festival last Friday; we did brilliantly with our songs and worship. Alex and Rupert were behind the scenes during the  songs and dances doing the music systems and directing the awesome rap that Joe Rupert Rory and Alex did.It was amazing and we all walked away with huge smiles on our faces.I really enjoyed harvest and I’m sad that we won’t get to do it again .

Even though you didn’t go to Robin Wood you helped to prepare the year 5 children beforehand and on our return you made a great contribution to our presentation. You are always lovely and friendly, at all times in class you try very hard, you are a star ! Keep up the good work !

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Bikeability Day 2

Posted: 4th October 2016 by Mrs Smith in Amazing Class 4, Bikeability

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