The day everyone tries to avoid . The car journey to Scotland . A series of unfortunate events and vomiting.As all three children clambered into the car , Laura and Tom were scanning the house for something the family may have forgotten . Moaning like the wind the family squeezed into their seats .
” No devices until after lunch ” announced Laura ,
“Why mummy ” squeeked Alisa ,
“So that you won’t be ill ” replied Laura .
Smoothly driving, the family were silent however they had only been moving for 5 minutes . Tom slowly turned on the radio and that set it off.
“I don’t like This music “yelled Alisa at the top of her lungs,
“I want to listen to the sport ” confirmed Charlie
“Not this again ” moaned Lewis
Nothing was agreeable, not even Laura and Tom could agree on the music of which to turn on . This argument resulted in no music at all aka silence .The Jacksons had been travelling for 2 hours, however it felt like ten .Mc Donald’s was the choice of lunch and after that Alisa reminded mum of the promis she made about devices . After 10 minutes of holding her iPad Alisa screamed,
“My tummy hurts I feel sick .”
“Hold on we will stop in a minute , won’t we Tom ”
” Of course we can , even though that adds another 30minutes to our time schedule !”
After much persuasion they all stopped at a service station. Where Alisa decided she wasn’t ill anymore .
“I waste my breath!” Muttered Laura
It was not long before Charlie was ill , but this he really was . You would never of thought that that much could come out of a small human being . Puddles of vomit squirlled around the car giving off horrendous smelling odours . Alisas head was fully out the car window gasping for fresh air . When they thought all systems were clear , Laura got a face full of the putirid liquid . Driving through the hills of Scotland are thought to be lovely and relaxing although this was another story , and they are now late . I’m sure you’re  wondering why the family decided to take a trip to Scotland , here is the reason . It’s Laura’s cousins wedding and of course all five of them had to take the special road trip to Scotland. A sign of hope dived into their lives , the sat nav had found a short cut to the venue .Of course there were no second thoughts all reliablility was on the sat nav which lead them to …..well nowhere .

” I am expected to attend my cousins wedding , which is the least I can do and even that failed .” Exclaimed Laura with a tear making its way down her cheek.

The family drove on with 1 hour to get there get dressed and walk to the church down the road . Driving through a small village they discovered an oddly looking yet recognisable church ! They had made it  but had been through hell to get there.

Midnight magic 500 word challenge

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It is the 2nd of June which is Olivia’s birthday – she isn’t now 11. Olivia is an athletic girl with blonde hair and blue eyes like the sea. Lucky for her it’s the summer holidays and that means that she can have her best friends come over- Emma and Ava. Ava and Emma were also 11 Emma was the one who is alway pouting and always applying the new latest lip gloss or mascara, Emma was a blonde girl with hazelnut eyes. Ava was a girl with crystal blue eyes and brunette hair.

For Olivia’s birthday she was having a garden party with her family and best friends. They were all wearing denim dungarees because when they met they were all wearing denim dungarees.
” The ice cream vans here!” Shouted Olivia’s mum loud enough so that someone in space could probably hear.
“Coming!” They all shouted back as they rushed down the drive.

Once they’d got their ice creams they walked down Olivia’s huge garden. The garden flowers were in full bloom. Violets and roses covered every corner in the garden. The air was filled with the scent of freshly cut grass. The sone shine brightly. Bees buzzed in and out of the flowers. Shortly afterwards Ava saw a light coming from the rose bushes but she chose to ignore it as she thought it was just the sun. But once again she saw another light coming from the same bushes and this time she said ” girls I think that there’s something coming from that bush.”

Emma ignored her as she was too busy applying some lip gloss. ” shall we go and have a look then,” said Olivia because she knew that Emma wouldn’t be listening. The girls including Emma(eventually) went over to see a lot of rainbow coloured glitter all over the bushes. Then agin a even brighter rainbow coloured light sucked the girls in like a frog trying to catch a fly with its tongue. Soon they were in like another dimension. Stars twinkled over head in the midnight sky. The only sounds that punctuated the night sky was the crackling of the flames in the campfire. The smell of marshmallows toasting over the flickering fire wound up the girls’ noses. Flames stood up tall and proud sparks illuminating the dark creating danceing shadows on the girls eager faces and in the sky. ” whhhheerree aarrrreeee wweeeeeee?” Olivia asked terrifidly.
” Woah!” Exclaimed Emma actually stopping taking pictures on snapchat.
” see I brought you guys here,” boasted Ava even though she had no clue what this place was.

To be continued…

500 word challenge by Finn

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The truth potion

“Max what do you have to say for yourself?” demanded Mrs Maguire sharply but before he had the opportunity to answer she was off again.” Everyone in this classroom knows how I feel about lying.”

“But Miss……….”he whined.

“Nonsense Max you know how many lessons we’ve had about the trouble lies can get you into?”.

It was true that Max did a bit more lying than the next guy but he’d had enough of being embarrassed in front of his classmates, always being the person she would make an example of.

It was at this moment that Max had an idea, a risky one, devilish maybe….. He would see how easy Mrs Maguire would find telling the truth for a day. He’d teach her a lesson and what a lesson it was, one he was sure she’d never forget.

Max Johnson you seen was a rather talented boy, talented in the world of magic and wizardry. Max had been studying this since he first heard of Harry Potter! He’d mastered most spells but the ‘truth tonic’ was more complex than anything he’d ever concocted before.

The next day, after spending most of the night perfecting his potion, Max finally had a tiny container full of ‘truth tonic’ stored away in his trouser pocket. He arrived at school early and making sure he was alone,  splashed three drops of ‘truth tonic’ into Mrs Maguire’s morning cup of tea.

8:55am and Max sat in class, excited to see what would happen first. He glanced forwards and was relieved to see that the teacup on the desk was empty.

“Is everyone ready for another hard days work?” questioned Mrs Maguire in her cheeriest tone. “So let’s start registratio………….”

“Oh sorry I’m late Miss” said Tina bursting through the door. “I was out shopping last night and I got this new coat do you like it?” she said twirling around.

“No I don’t its horrendous” replied the unfortunate teacher, putting her hands to her mouth in horror. What on earth had happened she would never usually be so cruel? Tina, the most popular girl in class, stood in shock, as still as a statue with her mouth gaping open.

Unfortunately for Mrs Maguire, the day only got worse and she managed to upset most people with her rude words. She told the school cook her chilli tasted like cat food; the headmaster what she really thought of his assembly and left the office staff weeping by pointing out numerous mistakes in the newsletter.

At the end of an eventful day Mrs Maguire got in bed that night, unaware the effect of the spell had worn off. She thought about all the devastating things she’d said and prayed that tomorrow would be a new day.

Across town Max was also lying in bed confident that he would never have to hear another of Mrs Maguire’s lying lectures again. Perhaps she would have finally realised that little lies are ok, aren’t they????

500 word story by Loulou :Unknown

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It was 1 minute past midnight and Hazel Grey was sat up in her bed wearing her long and flowing grey nightie .She decided to text her overly supportive friend ,David .

“I can’t sleep David !”she texted

“Don’t worry I can’t either ,”replied David

Meanwhile outside Hazel’s house there was an unearthly and unwanted guest meandering up and down Hazel’s driveway .

“I can hear footsteps outside !”Hazel quickly texted

Much to her surprise David  didn’t answer ,he had never done this before which is why Hazel started to panic.

So she strangely started to scurry across the floor of her overly pink bedroom looking for her phone which she had clumsily dropped in the shock and panic of David going A -wall .To Hazel’s misfortune her phone was truly lost and she could hear this odd unknown guest messing with the lock on her weather beaten oak front door .

Moments later ,she heard that her door was about to give in and she didn’t know where her phone was so she decided to hide in her wardrobe .Suddenly she heard her phone bleep ,Hazel decided to find were the sound was coming from .She thankfully saw the strobe light from her phone flashing .Her phone was in her messy and caffuffled wardrobe the whole time !

Luckily the bleep from her ohone was David .Hazel and David decided to keep texting again .”What are they wearing ?”David asked Hazel
“They’re wearing the exact same baseball jacket you have with your name on it !”Hazel answered seriously “This isn’t funny David !”
“Hazel my jacket is in my wardrobe !”David protested getting worried about his friend.Hazel was really panicking now as she heard her now battered front door creak open !

The unknown character started to call Hazel’s name in a deep monotone voice ,but then it suddenly stopped .Hazel’s mind was racing as she heard the slow trudging of their large feet start to go up the stairs .Hazel was now burrieing herself completely in all of her old party dresses .

Now this being was at the top of the stairs and were swiftly starting to stride towards Hazel’s room .Hazel could hear them scraping on the wall as they walked .Meanwhile David decided to text Hazel .”Have they gone yet ?”he asked
“David ?”she replied “You don’t have to worry anymore ,I’m fine ,”
David had a gutt feeling that something about this wasn’t right .”Hazel ,how do I know this is you ?”David asked suspiciously .There was no answer .Suddenly there was a knock at the door .It was Hazel !
“What are you doing here ?”David asked looking very surprised .
“I heard them open my bedroom door so I quickly ran and jumped out of the window !”Hazel answered “And on my way I saw the town police in their brand new BMW car ,which they see as a cherry red Ferrari ,so I directed them to my house ,”
Now that the drama was over David and Hazel could finally get some sleep !

Ben Brown found not guilty!

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the 500 word challenge cyber man

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Cyber man 

On a rainy night in a in a not so tidy room Charlie was playing on his laptop until this happened “free game available now for limited time only, you really feel like you are in the game! “Well obviously,” thought Charlie. So he downloaded the game but wasn’t happy with the outcome.


The game


“Where am I?” thought Charlie “Well I’m not in Kansas anymore ha,” he chuckled. Where was he? Was he just playing the game or was he in the game? It was all metal or that was what he thought but back to the point, no wildlife or trees “where am I?” he shouted “And what am I wearing?” Charlie had no idea where he was and I don’t blame him I wouldn’t have a clue where I would be as well. So he went off searching for civilisation, when he saw it a city all wonderful and blue, he wanted to live there.  By the time he got there he couldn’t see anything. No cars no people no civilisation it was very mischievous, he was almost perfectly confident that some sort of battle happened there. So he searched and he searched until he found trouble some sort of air vehicle coming straight for him and within a couple of seconds Charlie was in the thing. There was more than Charlie in it though, he tried talking to them but he got no answer. “Hello anyone home I’m not invisible am I?” until he saw a man shaking and questioned “what’s wrong with him? You scared?”The man didn’t reply “is he really that petrified?” thought Charlie in his head “is it really that scary?” “Charlie had no idea what to think was he going to be tortured or worse! “What should I do “ thought Charlie “I should escape yea escape!”

The great escape 

“Wait I can’t move! this is a disaster what do I do?” thought Charlie as hard as he could “oh the sheld only covers one side of me ok bye bye,” Charlie escaped the thing only to find himself in another on of them “ok can’t escape remember that Charlie,” he thought as he prayed to god to save him! alast he made it to a place that was unknown to human kind and then a guard came saying                                                                                                                                        “you shall watch,” and “to the games.” Charlie did’nt know what the games where but did not want to find out after a man killed himself to not do it! So he stood like everyone else, angry. But unfortunately got piced to go into the games! He did not know what to do accept hope, hope that whatever happened to him would not be to servier. He got his suit on and off he went into the games.                                                                                                                                         “Bring it on big guy,” Charlie joked as he took on someone five times his size “What are you going to do?” as the  man took him to the floor and.

to be continued

500 words by charlotte

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500 wordl
s What Happened Next?
By Charlotte Kidd
I was at home, minding my own business, because mum was out shopping (as always). Sadly I was looking after my dog, Max.Max is such a stubborn dog and all he does is ,sleep,eat and breath.It is so annoying. So I was in my bedroom,because I had nothing better to do,so I was playing on my phone.Suddenly I heard a very irritating noise, but I decided to ignore it.

This noise went on forever….and ever. Consequently, from this noise I suddenly got VERY frustrated.the noise was like a croaky voice. Immediately, I opened the door only to find Max was there looking very cute. I bellowed “Max, I know you did that noise for a fact!”.
As quick as a flash, Max ran into my bedroom and then leaped up in the air and then he was gone. I sobbed “Max Max where are you!”
Just then I leaped onto my bed with my head in my hands,but I didn’t go on to my bed I went .. down.

All of a sudden I went down a black dark tunnel. I screamed as load a lion protecting his babies.The tunnel suddenly put its arms around me. I suddenly landed on a hard cold dry floor.Unexpectedly I felt wet green aware sluggish looking hand.It grabbed my leg . I was so shocked. This hand was as green as snot.This witch suddenly shook my leg vigorously and then and then asked me”What is your name!”
I was petrified.I answered confidently“I am Hetty Feather.”

I don’t know how long she left me there for, it felt like forever. Then I had enough ”Where is my dog? Tell me NOW!” I shouted.

She replied ”NEVER!”

I was so annoyed that something so little could cause so much trouble. After a while I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t. I felt a lump. I put my hand in and I felt I was going up…. and up.

Dozing off every minute or so, I tried to pull myself together so I could actually see something. Unaware of what I was about to see, I saw a staircase. The stairs were dark grey. I then heard a very deep and sharp voice ”Come along girls, I haven’t got all day!”

Suddenly I saw a bunch of girls all in brown uniform with white hats on which were crinkled along the top and a white apron on. It was like the 19th century. Then I was spotted by a big lady she looked very scary. She shouted at me “What on earth are u wearing and what are you doing here?”

I replied “I got trapped in a room then I think I fell down a hole and these clothes are in fashion actually!”

“Come along Feather!”she cried.

So I went with her. I had to whether I liked it or not! She stripped me, then threw buckets of cold water on me and put these clothes on me. Dragging me, she put me on a stool and got massive scissors and cut my hair ………. Then I woke up screaming so much, only to find Max by my side!

My 500 word challenge (Joe)

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Nobody liked Mrs Oak. She was a bizarre woman with fingers like claws, and a bright red dress that even the devil would envy. She stayed in the school long after the green gates had been locked twice by Mr Griffiths the caretaker; long after every lightbulb flickered its last burst of light. Yet nobody knew what she did! Not Mrs Alinton, the Headmistress who thought Mrs Oak a ‘difficult but dedicated lady’; not Mr Bryson the Deputy Head who felt awkward around Mrs Oak and tried his best to avoid her altogether; and especially not the children who loved to speculate what she did but all were too afraid to even ask, just in case the rumours were true and she was really a witch who performed spells in the dark depths of the PE hall! The only person who did know was Mrs Oak or Madam Oaken as she was known in her Witches’ coven. Madam Oaken had not always wanted to be a teacher; in fact she had more grand ideas as a young student of Magic at Notrehterb School of witchcraft and wizardry. Not even the head of magical miss-haps could work out how an all A student ended up in the human world. And unfortunately she wasn’t very good at her job either. How she got the job as a teacher was beyond everyone. How a person with so much hatred of children could be given the job to look after them for 7 hours just didn’t make logical sense. But does anything in life. One of Mrs Oaks most dedicated haters was Jimmy, an orphaned child who didn’t know what to do with his life was dedicated to find the cause of the evilness that filled Mrs Oak. He stayed after school in the PE hall, but there was no sign of Mrs Oak. He had checked every nook and cranny of the school, but all he ever found was a pair of scales on a Thursday night, and packets of cottage cheese that said witch watchers on the front. What could this mean, he thought to himself. He sat down asking his stomach what are witch watchers, but he ate a can of the cottage cheese and his stomach disappeared.
“Who are you!” a loud bellow came from the PE store.
A shiver zapped through every bone in his body, Jimmy could not speak.
“Who are you!” this time there wasn’t just one voice, it sounded like a stampede of angry women chasing towards him.
“I am Jimmy, and you don’t scare me.” Jimmy replied, but although he sounded convincing Jimmy could barely splutter his words out.
So he ran, faster than a cheater, with his legs moving at an astonishing pace. Jimmy was thinking about his encounter throughout the whole school day, but it was only until Mrs Oak handed out the leaflets did he realise what it said.
“Wanted, the Oak killers! last seen lurking in the PE store with scales.”


500 word challenge

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I walked down the creaking corridor. It was the image I would never forget because it was so horrible. Tim was with me, a boy two years younger than me. Trust me, he’s scared of flies.

“Your basements scary,” Tim said. Yes, we we’re in the basement. It was just tunnels, millions of miles long with cobwebs the size of windows and spiders as big as cups.

“Of course it’s scary!” I shouted ” what did you expect, unicorns?” Maybe I said that a little too loudly because I woke someone up.

“What da?” said an ugly man at the other side of the tunnel.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” he heard after that which appeared to be from Tim.

“Lets get um,” he roared. Next he brushed his teeth with some mud and a stick (just in case his teeth go shiny and nice) then he went to get them. But this man was no ordinary man. No, he was Mr Kerfuffle. A man with a nose as big as an elephants trunk, and ears like an elephants too, he even eats mud. Maggots were everywhere and he looked like he had been fighting with bears (which he probably had done). Scar’s where all over his sides and had about twelve bruises on his forehead. This was only a third of the horrible and gory things about Mr Kerfuffle. Now we must carry on with the story otherwise we’ll be hear till Christmas.  He is going to bash me and Tim on the head right now with a log.

“Oops, forgot the log” said Mr Kerfuffle. He picked up the log and went on his journey. Meanwhile me and Tim had been using sticks to swipe away th dreaded cobwebs.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” yelled Tim”It’s a spider!” Yes, it was indeed a spider. Four eyes, eight legs but tiny. As small as a pea. Peas aren’t scary.

“But it’s got eyes, legs and is trying to eat me!” whined Tim.

“Peas can’t eat you,” I explained ” even if they are spider looking one’s.”

“Oh,” he said. He had wailed so much by now that we were in a different room. It was like a dungeon and had lot’s of dirt it was horrible.

“Yaaaaaaaaaarr!” roared someone from out of nowhere “get out my den!” It was Mr Kerfuffle.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” screamed Tim.

“What is it?” I asked. By now Mr Kafuffle had landed right next to Tim who went backwards into a pile of mud of some sort.

“Me hog poo!” he exclaimed “me beautiful ‘og poo!”

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!” yelled Tim instantly vomiting all over his t-shirt onto the ground.

“Rrrrruuuuuuuuunnnnn!” I yelled. The second I said that Tim was off. Then I went, skedaddling like a torpedo. The ugly monster with a face like a bull came hurtling after me. Inches away from me. Then it was when I spotted something unusual. I ran for it and with two fingers picked it up. Mr Kafuffle was about to swing his log when slash. He was defeated.


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The weird house

The house was dark, not a sound could be heard, the door was unpainted, the grass was unkept, the drive way was full of weeds.I slowly crept my way to the wooden unpainted door I put my hand on the rusty old cobwebby handle and I pushed and shoved the door but it wouldn’t budge do I did so hard I nearly broke my arm the door opened and I saw a…..a….

Dog no, a tiger no, I don’t know what I saw it was like a cheater crossed with a chimpanzee. The door slammed shut behind me BANG! I ran as fast as a could ….. Dong ding bong Bing went the door it still didn’t move. Not to jump to conclusion but I think that I will be here for EEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

With no time to hesitate I was sprinted around like a lunatic looking for another way out. After searching for nearly 3 HOLE LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hours I found this thing that looked like a …… Um absolutely……….Thin air..

“AAAAAHHHHH” I screamed, “what was that!”
I heard it again. I was shaking so much it was like a gorilla hitting its big furry chest
I fell to the floor hearing the loud noise again I turned around to see a …..a

“Oink houhgh oink!!!” Went the strange pig

The pig was that big you couldn’t even see the moon or sun.

“Oh pig piggy pigpig piggywiggywoowoo come to PAPA
WAAAWWWAAAA!!!!!!” Cried the poor man.Honestly I think I have gone deaf after that,I was still backing away from the big pig then suddenly I bumped into the wizard I gulped and I slowly turned around it was that slow it was like a snail trying to race an ostrich.
“WWWWWAAAAAWWAA hhaa……haav….have….yu…you…see…sss….seen…mm…yyy….my….ppp……pi….pig!”
“Yes I have he is ooovvvvveeeerrr……….theere well he was five seconds ago :) ,” I said with confidence,”HAY before you go can u magic me back to my home?”
“Yes sure!” He cried, “abracadabra take this little girl HOME!”
Before you could say Usain Bolt I was back with my parents have tea.

The next day I went to visit the strange weird house, I sprinted as fast as lightning to the house to see a…
“HELLO I screamed!” But nobody answered
What was really strange was the house wasn’t broken, or dirty, or unkept it was as good as new.
I thought to my self “hhhhmmm is this the right house?”
As hours past I still couldn’t find any broken house. What I did notice though I was running round for 10 HOLE HOURS!!

I still couldn’t find the house,
” OH DARN POOP COB!!” I shouted
Oh by the way that’s my catch frase. I bumped into this dog whoooo lets juust say not the same as every dog. The dog was like a parrot crossed with an octopus and that’s when I knew were he had come from. He led me to the house so I could say thanks to Mr. Wizard I now knew the house moves round.